3 Reasons to Sign Up For Online Bill Pay

Technology can be extremely helpful and make life easier when used correctly. Our simple MyFuelPortal app comes with the online bill pay feature that makes it easy to handle propane payments, reviewing past bills, and more. You can either download the app for iPhone or Android or access the app from the Platform Fuels website or the websites of any propane location in our family of brands. 

Online bill pay is the latest and most convenient way to save time, money, and effort, and takes the guesswork out of your next propane fill-up. If you are using the online bill pay tool for the first time, you will be prompted to sign up. After you’ve registered, simply login to receive instant access to your invoices, service notifications, previous and current bills, service requests, and more. 

Platform Fuels is a leader in tools and technology designed with our customers in mind and proud to introduce online bill pay and many other cutting-edge technologies like smart-tank monitors, Budget Billing programs, and tools like our MyFuelPortal app. Here are three huge benefits to online bill pay.


1. Save Money

Though it’s typically overwhelming to pay one lump-sum bill, Platform Fuels introduced online bill pay to make it easier to score the $0.10 per gallon discount after each fill-up.

Before online bill pay, it was up to the customers to be aware of each fill-up service, find the invoice, and either call or mail in a check to pay the propane bill within seven days to secure a discount. We eliminated those steps to make paying your propane bill even easier and faster, which saves you money at each fill-up if utilized correctly.

MyFuelPortal app provides instant invoice notifications along with payment options that are one tap away–these features make it easier for you to pay within seven days and earn a $0.10 discount per gallon at each propane fill-up.

Using technology to make the payment process easier for you to score noticeable discounts is a huge driving factor of The Platform Fuels family, currently comprised of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane.


2. Less Hassle

We understand that you have a busy schedule. Between working hard, family life, and enjoying your free time, you don’t need to worry about your propane fill-ups too. Remembering to check your tank levels, calling in to request a service, and scheduling deliveries, or remembering to mail in a check is a hassle of the past, as online bill pay allows customers to:

  • Pay bills instantly
  • Request propane service or fill-up
  • Gain instant access to your invoice


Online bill pay was created as a convenient, hassle-free way for customers to monitor their propane needs. To save you even more time and energy, you can consider the Keep-Full Program as well, so you never need to check your tank levels or request propane and can keep full all year long, especially during the cold winter months when ensuring you have heat and that your home appliances are powered is paramount. 


3. Instant Service Records

Business updates that come with industry growth directly benefit the customers and keep you connected with your service providers and your spending. With online bill pay, you can request a fill-up when you need it and receive an instant notification with your invoice. Our secure app will keep your information safe while providing instant service requests and accurate record-keeping.

The Platform Fuels family, comprised of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane has updated our payment options, so you now have direct access to your bills and payment history because you’ll no longer have to mail us a check or call in with a credit card each month.

We added online bill pay for your wallets, your time, and your peace of mind.


Click here to sign up for online bill pay, or download the app for iPhone or Android


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