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Why Platform Fuels Is the Right Partner for Your Local Propane Business

Backed by the experienced team at Platform Capital, we bring a unique combination of industry expertise, local knowledge, and proven experience in scaling independent businesses, both large and small.

We understand the connection owners often have with their business and getting to the “sell” decision is not always easy. Legacy means a lot to us too, which is why we are committed to supporting and continuing the independent spirit of local propane marketers.

Platform Fuels takes a ‘jeans and boots’ approach to acquisitions, so we work with every potential seller personally to develop a customized exit strategy and purchase agreement designed around their individual needs and goals, as opposed to forcing them into a “one size fits all” model.

We know the decision to sell may not be easy, but we try to make the entire process as simple and straightforward as possible by providing a welcomed alternative to the intense, high-leverage approach of most other large propane companies and consolidators.

Learn more about our acquisition process by contacting us below.

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When you’re ready, we would sincerely welcome the opportunity to learn more about your propane business and discuss a potential transaction in a discreet, fair, and transparent manner.

Platform Fuels is dedicated to continuing the local legacy, entrepreneurial spirit and long-term success of independent propane owners. Backed by the experienced team at Platform Capital, we strongly believe in striking mutually beneficial deals, and our track record of integrity and creativity speaks for itself.

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