All-New MyFuelPortal App Saves You Time and Money!

Platform Fuels knows that technology can seem overwhelming and can sometimes be complicated, but there are some instances where technology can truly help make life easier. From our smart tank monitor technology to our new online tool to help you track your payments, when it comes to propane, Platform Fuels integrates technology where it makes sense–where it will help you.

Introducing the all-new MyFuelPortal app designed to save you time and money. Honestly, this app is a game-changer in the propane industry, as most companies don’t offer this user-friendly and user-designed technology. The Platform Fuels family of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane is proud to offer this exclusive time and money-saving MyFuelsPortal app. 

With this convenient and free app, you’ll be able to easily pay your propane bill online and also receive exclusive features such as invoice information, service requests, and online discounts. When you opt to have smart tank monitor technology installed, you’ll see serious savings when paired with the MyFuelPortal app.

Say goodbye to calling in or mailing a check for each payment. Take the guesswork out of each bill. And the days of walking in the cold and hassling with a fuel tank are over. Best of all? You will save time and money all year long! How? This quick blog highlights the benefits of signing up for the all-new MyFuelPortal app. 

Save Time with MyFuelPortal App

Life gets busy, and we know your time is precious. From creating priceless moments with family and working hard each day to relaxing and enjoying your days off, you have far more important things to do than worry about keeping your house warm and stressing about your propane bill. 

The all-new MyFuelPortal app from Platform Fuels saves frustration and your time with one simple, free download. Benefits of this free app and convenient online tool include:

  • Check your tank levels without leaving your house or office
  • Pay your bill online instead of calling in or mailing a check 
  • Schedule automatic bank withdrawals to pay your bill each month
  • Request tank assistance or a fill up with the tap of a button
  • Allow up to 5 users to log on to the app
  • Save your log-in information so you never have to remember your password
  • Convenient for residential use along with commercial businesses and farms


This app was designed to take some stress off of your plate and provide one convenient place to pay your bill, check your tank levels, monitor your payments, review old bills, schedule payments, and request help if necessary. 

Download the new MyFuelPortal app for a convenient, user-friendly, and time-conscious method to handle all of your propane needs.


Save Money by Pairing Smart Tank Technology With the New MyFuelPortal App

Pairing smart tank technology with our newest MyFuelPortal app allows you to also save money on exclusive deals. With the app, you can stay updated on your propane levels and tank diagnostics along with saving money. 

Customers are always the most surprised to learn that using this app technology actually means more money in their wallets. How?

  • Exclusive perks! Use the MyFuelsPortal app to pay your propane bill in 7 days or less and save 10 cents per gallon.
  • As a member of our Keep Full program you will receive notifications of your deliveries through you MyFuelPortal app and also save an additional 10 cents per gallon.
  • Enjoy our new Budget Billing program and spread out your payments over time
  • Monitor your tank levels to know the best and cheapest time to do a big fill-up
  • Know about and request assistance for any tank issues in real-time


The Platform Fuels family of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane created the all-in-one, brand new MyFuelPortal app for your convenience and to ensure a more seamless, simple customer experience. Save time, frustration, and money by downloading the user-friendly app today or by visiting the websites of any of our local propane providers.


Platform Fuels