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About Platform Fuels

Platform Fuels is committed to continuing the legacy, spirit and success of local propane business owners and operators as we build and scale a nationwide portfolio of consolidated independent propane marketers both large and small.

By honoring history and respecting the local legacy of small and medium-sized propane service owners and operators, Platform Fuels continues what made each business so successful – the staff, the service, the special relationship with customers – while also focusing on the future to help expand and optimize each operationally.

At Platform Fuels, we work alongside our partners to standardize, support and improve services, increase current sales, and continue to provide exceptional customer service within every community we’re a part of. Our sophisticated, yet small-town philosophy is evident in every interaction and is a refreshing change to today’s cold, corporate world, as we work hard to bring authenticity, experience, and transparency to everything we do.

We know the decision to sell may not be easy, but we try to make the entire process simple and straightforward, with the owner’s value and vision at the forefront of every conversation. That’s why we’ve built a reputation for bringing integrity, reliability and trustworthiness to every acquisition and work hard to ensure every deal is confidential, customized and competitive so it benefits everyone involved.

About Us

Our track record speak for itself and we pride ourself on our personalized ‘jeans and boots’ approach to how we treat every business owner, each acquisition, and everyone we work with. Because frankly, legacy means a lot to us too.

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