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With a full staff of experienced and knowledgeable local employees, our goal is to provide our customers with the best value at the fairest price. From tank sales to bottle fills to propane delivery for residences, restaurants, commercial needs, agriculture, retail/business, RV Parks and more – we are the area’s #1 propane distributor!

Located right here in Clayton, Oklahoma, the Dale’s Propane team understands your needs. We’re your neighbors, friends and proud members of our local community, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your propane is always in stock and ready for use.

We serve Southeastern Oklahoma and are here to help with all of your propane needs.


Our Products and Services

With a variety of propane-related products and services and a local staff of experienced and knowledgeable experts, we are here to serve your local propane needs with a smile.

Residential Propane Delivery

Friendly and reliable service. Volume discounts available; 5 cent per gallon military and first responder discount.

Diesel Fuel Delivery & Pick Up

On & off-road vehicle diesel fuel available. Schedule a delivery or pick up on-site.

Bottle Fill Service

On-site propane bottle fill service available for a variety of sizes.

Forklift Cylinder Delivery

Ask us about setting up a propane bottle cage at your warehouse or place of business for forklifts, machinery and related equipment.

Lease Tanks

Propane tanks available for lease ranging in size from 120 to 1,000 gallons

Commercial Propane Delivery

Delivery service for businesses and commercial use. Construction, agriculture, municipalities and much more.

Smart Tank Technology

Never run out of gas again! Ask us about our smart tank technology and free app.

Autogas for Fleet Services

Lower your emissions and enjoy cost savings with our on site filling for fleet dispensers.

Purchase Tanks

Propane tanks available for purchase ranging in size from 120 to 1,000 gallons

Order Your Service

Offering propane parts, products and services such as propane delivery, refilling, tank sales, smart tank technology, installs and rentals for residential, commercial, retail, agricultural and more, Dale’s Propane is dedicated to being Southeastern Oklahoma’s premiere propane distributor.

No matter the season and whatever your propane needs are, Dale’s Propane’s local staff is committed to service, safety and always going above and beyond. Providing our customers with the most professional propane service available is our top priority.

We appreciate your business and are happy to help!

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    We Love Our Customers and They Love Our Service!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dale’s Propane is open for business the following days and times:

    Mondays – Fridays: 8:00am to 5:00pm
    Saturdays & Sundays: Closed

    For holidays, after hours or you’re experiencing a propane emergency, please call (918) 216-0425 and we will do our very best to respond promptly.

    Not all propane tanks have gauges. If your propane tank does have a gauge, it is typically located on the top of the tank, under a lid or hood which can be easily lifted up to view the gauge. Look for a gauge dial with numbers from 5 to 95. The numbers indicate the percentage of propane currently in the tank.

    When the level reaches 25% – it’s time for a fill-up! Schedule a propane delivery by calling us at (918) 216-0425 or emailing us at [email protected]. If you don’t have a gauge on your tank or you’re still not sure what the level is, or if you have questions, please call us.

    From primary residences to seasonal/vacation homes, commercial needs, businesses or farms, or beyond – we have many propane-related products and services and several easy, flexible payment options for you to choose from.

    Dale’s Propane is a full-service propane company providing year-round, reliable, and safe propane products and services including:

    • Bulk propane delivery
    • Propane bottle fill
    • Tank sales, rentals, and installations
    • Propane-related service and maintenance
    • Autogas systems
    • Automatic Tank Monitors
    • Keep-Full programs and more.

    Whether it’s heating your home or for outdoor fun, powering your business, temporary solutions for construction sites or your restaurant’s patio, or fueling farm equipment or work vehicles like forklifts and machinery, Dale’s Propane is there for all your residential, commercial, agricultural or recreational propane needs.

    You can request a delivery by filling out the form HERE OR please contact us at [email protected] or by calling us at (918) 216-0425.

    If it’s after hours or an emergency, we will respond promptly the following business day and do our best to accommodate your request

    Customers will be told the approximate date of delivery when they place their order. We try to be as responsive as possible, but would appreciate customers calling us at least five business days prior to the date they anticipate needing propane, or when your tank reaches 25 percent, especially during weather events or when there is seasonal demand

    As long as our driver can get to your tank to fill it, you do not need to be home during a delivery. This includes making sure there’s a clear path to your tank, ensuring the area around the tank is free of brush and debris, and either putting pets inside or securing them so we can safely deliver your propane without interruption.

    Enjoy peace-of-mind and full tanks with our most convenient propane delivery option. Our team will estimate your propane usage and automatically schedule a delivery when our records indicate you need a refill.

    Spend less time checking your tank gauge, scheduling deliveries, and sweating the details. Instead, leave the worry and work to our propane professionals! We’ve got it taken care of.

    • Simple, safe year-round service
    • Hassle-free delivery
    • Our professionals monitor tank usage and schedule refills
    • Not available for all customers or in all areas
    • No additional cost!

    Call us at (918) 216-0425 or [email protected] US to learn more about available Keep-Full deliveries.

    If you’re looking for a modern, simple approach to precise propane tank monitoring, this is the best service for you!

    Let our trained propane professionals monitor the exact amount of propane in your tank and work with you to keep your home, business, construction site, farm, or vacation property running smoothly and efficiently using state-of-the-art fuel technology. All you need to get started is right at your fingertips!

    • Download, control and customize the tank monitoring system app on your smartphone
    • View your tank level anywhere, anytime
    • Save time and money with smart, connected propane deliveries
    • Perfect for vacation homes, homes with pool heaters, business, and more
    • Works for both aboveground and underground propane tanks
    • Not available for all customers or in all areas
    • No additional cost!

    Call us at (918) 216-0425 or email us to
    [email protected] to learn more about Automatic Tank Monitoring.

    Delivery routes are created based on order date and amount delivered. To fulfill the customers previously scheduled on route and be fair to everyone’s propane needs, we may not be able to add additional deliveries that day. Please call (918) 216-0425 to schedule your next delivery.

    For safety – because propane expands as the temperature warms – we only fill propane tanks to 80 percent capacity. This is standard practice in the propane industry. It is a preventative safety measure against fluctuations that happen inside a tank. Filling the tank to only 80% allows for extra space in the tank to allow for this expansion.

    Dale’s Propane is here to help keep your tank and propane system in working order. Here are a few things you can do to properly maintain your system and help us better manage things from a service and safety standpoint:

    • Please keep grass and brush from growing up and around your tank.
    • Do not use the area immediately around your tank for storage.
    • Clear the path to your propane tank.
    • Clean off your tank regularly. When your tank is covered in snow or mud, it becomes a hazard to your home and your family.
    • Make sure your tank has a sturdy base.
    • Keep an eye out for leaks, odd noises, or anything that seems “out of order”

    If you notice anything safety-related or need service for your propane tank, please call our trained professionals at (918) 216-0425.

    Much like the price consumers pay for gasoline at the pump, propane is a commodity whose price fluctuates daily. Aso, factors such as geography, time of year, weather, supply and demand, logistical and global issues, supply interruptions, and more can all affect propane prices regionally, making it difficult for us to advertise a single price.

    We always try to quote the most competitive, most dynamic prices available based on all the aforementioned factors.

    In order to provide our customers with the most accurate pricing, we ask that new customers get a quote and that existing customers review pricing by contacting us at [email protected].

    In short, no reputable propane company will fill a tank owned by another propane company. If a customer leases a tank from a company, no other company can fill that tank. The only company that can fill a leased tank is that company that owns it (and is leasing it out).

    If the tank on your new home’s property was being leased by the previous homeowners, that is a leased tank. If you’re not sure or cannot get a hold of the tank ownership documentation, but you know that you definitely own the tank, we have another option for you. We have a tank ownership form that you can sign. This form confirms that you know you own the tank and will accept all responsibility as the owner. Contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance.

    We offer multiple ways to contact us, so please reach out however it’s most convenient for you.

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