What is the Keep Full Program and How Will it Help Me?

Gone are the days of slinging on your work boots and jacket, facing the cold wind, and heading outside to check your tank levels. Those moments of stressing over low fuel levels hoping to make it on the list for the next propane delivery are behind you. The Platform Fuels family of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane proudly offers you a secure, convenient, and effortless way to reduce stress and readily keep propane in your tank at all times. Never run out of gas again by switching to the Platform Fuels Keep Full Program.


What is the Keep Full Program? 

The Keep Full Program is a secure and convenient way to ensure that you never run out of propane, even in the most hazardous and coldest conditions. Without having to call in or request a fill-up service, we fill your tank when you need propane, whenever that may be, all year long. 

In order to enjoy the perks of the Keep Full Program, we will need to install a free smart tank monitor, technology that allows us to stay updated on your tank levels in real-time and guarantees your propane gets delivered all year long. Learn more about the free tank monitor here.

When you opt to have a smart tank monitor installed at no extra cost to you, both you and Platform Fuels can track your tank levels to ensure that your propane delivery is on time, necessary, and purposeful. As North America’s most accurate and affordable smart tank monitor, our technology works with all propane tanks, is quick and easy to install, and will provide you the peace of mind you deserve for being part of the Keep Full Program.


What Happens When I Sign Up for the Keep Full Program?

After you call us to sign up for the Keep Full Program, you can expect the following steps:

  1. At no cost, we will set up your propane tank monitor. We can put smart tank monitors on both customer-owned tanks and Platform Fuels-owned tanks.
  2. We monitor your propane levels and make sure the gas doesn’t dip below 20-30% full.
  3. When you need a fill-up, we schedule your delivery and show up exactly when you need us without you having to call or worry about the weather.
  4. If you’re away when we stop by for a fill-up, no worries at all! We will email you an invoice so you have the chance to pay within 7 days and earn 10 cents off per gallon.


How Will the Keep Full Program Help Me? 

Platform Fuels designed the Keep Full Program for you – to reduce frustration, save you money, and give you peace of mind. We understand the hassle of checking your tanks, scheduling your delivery, price-checking, and hoping that the propane company arrives before you run out of fuel. Those days are gone.

When you elect to be part of our Keep Full Program, you step away from the stressful will-call propane fill-ups, and you let the propane professionals take care of everything from installing free tank monitor technology to filing up your tank on time and sending you a notice immediately afterward. Relying on propane professionals like the ones from the Platform Fuels family of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane that are on the leading edge of efficient delivery techniques, online options, and smart-tank technologies, saves you – the consumer – considerable stress, time, and energy in several ways:


Secure, Convenient Fill Ups

When you sign up for the Keep Full Program, you’re signing up for secure, convenient fill-ups too:

  • Never go outside to check your tank monitor again.
  • Always have fuel for heat, water, appliances, and business needs, even in the harshest of conditions.
  • Lock in the lowest prices for a complete fill-up and avoid price-comparing all year.
  • Always know your tank status from the free smart tank technology.
  • Get notified of every fill-up as soon as it occurs so you can pay your bill within 7 days and save 10 cents per gallon.


Step Away From Will-Call Propane Fill Ups

There’s no need to call us when you need a propane fill-up anymore. Rest easy knowing that your tank will always be full. Will-call fill-ups are an unnecessary, costly hassle and a stressor for you in many ways:

  • With will-call fill-ups, you are solely responsible for checking your tank levels and calling in when you need more propane.
  • If you forget to check your levels or call in for a refill between 20%-30%, you run the risk of running out of fuel. 
  • If you call too late, you also run the risk of not making it onto the delivery route on time.
  • Running out of propane means a cold house, no hot water, no cooked meals, and no power to certain appliances.
  • If you accidentally run out of fuel, we have to charge a safety fee totaling anywhere from $50-$75 to deliver your gas.

When you enroll in the Keep Full Program, you save yourself time, stress, and money. Know that even on the coldest winter days, you will have power and heat, guaranteed. Trust that when your tank is low or not working properly, Platform Fuels will be there to help before you even notice. 

The hard work–checking tanks and making sure everyone has enough propane–should be up to us, the propane professionals. The Platform Fuels family of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane believes that you deserve an easy experience when it comes to propane, that’s why we created the Keep Full Program.


Save your peace of mind when it comes to propane. Sign up for the Keep Full Program today.


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