Budget Billing Benefits: Save Money & Pay Over Time

What is Budget Billing?

The Platform Fuels family, comprised of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane, is proud to introduce our brand new initiative, Budget Billing. This service offers both residential and commercial customers the chance to save money and pay their propane bills over time.

As propane prices only increase heading into the coldest months of the year, now is the time to completely fill up your tank.

Having a warm home and hot food during the winter months makes all the difference, but paying large, up-front costs is unrealistic for some families. After this extremely difficult time, Platform Fuels understands the financial burden of paying large sums of money in one payment.

With the Budget Billing program you save money, never worry about running out of propane, avoid the risk of empty tank fill-up fees, and never pay the whole bill at one time.

Read the specific benefits and requirements of Budget Billing below.

How Does Budget Billing Save Money?

In a few ways actually:

  • Lock In Low Prices- Monitoring your tank, being in the Keep Full program, and enrolling in auto-pay ensures that you lock in the lowest prices for a complete fill-up.
  • Never Run Out- A huge perk of Budget Billing is that you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Keep Full program with installed smart tank technology. This ensures that you’ll never run out of propane, even in the coldest months of the year.
  • Avoid Tank Hassle- Only fill up when you absolutely need to. No more guessing, lifting lids, checking gauges, wondering about your propane levels, or waiting until the temperatures drop before looking at your propane levels. Stay in front of low tank levels and stay warm all winter while still monitoring your propane usage from the comfort of your home. Read more about the benefits of tank monitors here.

What High-Level Perks Do I Get?

When you elect to save money with the Budget Billing program, you receive other high-level perks at no extra cost:

  • Keep Full Program- Never run out of fuel, and avoid regulatory, empty-tank fill-up charges.
  • Tank Monitor- The days of hassling with the tank gauge are behind you. We alert you when you’re running low and make sure you never run out.
  • Online Bill Pay- We love to take care of your to-do list. No more calling in or mailing a check each month. No more guessing about your monthly bill. Automatically withdraw the same amount from your bank account or credit card.

We created the Budget Billing program for you. We know the importance of propane–of a cozy house, hot food, a warm shower, and a running business.

We know the need to price compare to ensure you receive the best deal possible, so we created this program for you.

We know how difficult and overwhelming it is to pay one big bill, so we’re taking that stress off your plate by paying even payments over time instead.

Save money, pay over time, and never run out of propane with Budget Billing.

A small financed fee. Contract required. Variable propane price upon sign-up.
Platform Fuels