Benefits of Propane Tank Monitors and Smart Tank Technology

Though technology can sometimes seem overwhelming and hard to understand, when it’s used to improve, simplify and streamline our daily lives – like the latest innovations in propane tank monitors – technology can be a truly wonderful thing.

Technology can help make every aspect of our lives better and is already prolific in our homes, at work, for recreation, for transportation, and beyond. And when it comes to the propane industry, smart tank technology is helping make life much easier for propane consumers and propane providers and ensuring no one runs of propane when they need it most.

Many of these modern advancements in propane-related technology are now available from Platform Fuels and are designed to benefit our customers and clients without any additional hassle, headaches or hefty costs.

Here are some of the latest tools and technology available to our customers and the benefits of propane tank monitors and smart tank technology that will lower your fuel costs, measure propane usage, and ensure you never run out of gas again.

Propane Tank Monitors

For no additional fees, our team of propane professionals can help supply you with a brand new Otodata tank monitor and give you the peace of mind that comes with this technology. As North America’s most accurate and affordable tank level monitor, our free tank monitor works with all tanks and software, is quick and easy to install, and will provide you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

The major benefit of tank monitors is the ability to accurately tell you the exact amount of propane left in your tank to save you from having to manually monitor propane levels. And for more than just for residential use, our program is offered for commercial, farm and all applications where a bulk tank is employed.

Some additional benefits of our Otodata propane tank monitors include:

  • Quick, easy and FREE installation including strapped, magnet, or bracket mounted
  • Automatically contacts us when it’s time for a fill
  • Unlimited reports and usage alerts
  • Industry leading battery life including a hybrid battery pack allows for us to provide sustainable service and added security
  • No internet or gateway needed
  • Dual Sim Technology ensures that we will always have the best cellular service available, with up to 20 carriers, and not affected by the 3G network shutdown
  • Industry leading antenna ensures we carry the best signal available in extreme circumstances and remote locations
  • Universally compatible; works with all tanks and software.
  • Works on both above ground and underground applications and for multiple propane tanks
  • Fully encapsulated PCB is built to last. Complete encapsulation protects the heart of the unit against moisture, corrosion, and even water ingress
  • Rubber coated magnets won’t ruin the paint on the tank and the electro-plated magnet assembly further reduces the risk of corrosion
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Free app to monitor your tank levels


Easy-to-Use Phone App to Check Your Tanks

No more lifting lids, checking gauges, wondering what your propane levels are at, or waiting until the temperatures drop before looking at your propane levels. Stay in front of low tank levels and stay warm all winter while still monitoring your propane usage from the comfort of your home with a tank monitor and the free Nee-Vo app that comes with it.

This free and easy smart tank technology means you’ll now be able to accurately track the level of your tank anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. The benefits of this free app include:

  • Track tank levels in real time on your smartphone or tablet
  • Customizable tank alerts, fill detection, rapid-draw, and instant notifications when your tank reaches configurable and predetermined levels
  • Trend data availability, historical fill timelines, consumption, 90 day usage trends, etc.
  • Request a refill or schedule service with just one tap
  • Automatic email alerts and order reminders
  • Contact your local propane provider at the press of a button
  • Personalize your app experience; changing the name of your tank, setting notifications, sharing access to your tank’s data with up to 5 other users, and more
  • Additional features coming soon, including:
    • Online bill-pay and autopay functionality
    • Payment and buying programs – budget billing & prepayment
    • View invoices, statements, and other documents online
    • Dedicated customer service


Automated Propane Deliveries

We know that today’s homeowners and business owners are busier than ever. Stressing about scheduling your propane delivery is now something you can cross off your to-do list. Customers who use our new tank monitors are eligible to sign up for automated propane deliveries through our “Keep Full” service.

Using your tank monitor to track your propane usage history, weather, and understanding your appliances and the applications for your own fuel needs, we’ll automatically schedule a gas delivery when you’re ready for a fill without waiting until your tank levels are too low. Benefits of automated propane deliveries and our ‘Keep Full’ program:

  • Guarantees you never run out of propane again
  • Takes the guesswork out of heating your pool, fireplace, generator, or other seasonal accessories
  • Ensures your home, cabin, or business is properly heated when you’re away
  • Increased reliability, efficiency, and safety all year long
  • Proactive deliveries based on monitoring local weather conditions, so if snow or bad weather causes you to use more propane than usual, we factor that into your next delivery.
  • The predictability of automatic delivery makes it easy to keep tabs on your payments


Never Run Out of Gas Again

From residential to recreational to commercial to agricultural usage, the above advancements in propane technology and easy-to-use tools like our new tank monitors and related cutting-edge technology are helping provide peace of mind to thousands of Platform Fuels customers.

From installation to instant notifications on your phone, smart tank technology from Platform Fuels is bringing unmatched control, convenience, and security to your home or business. No more scheduling deliveries, manually checking tank levels, or worrying about running out of propane – our technology makes your life more convenient, not more complicated.

For more information on Platform Fuels or to learn more about the benefits of our propane tank monitors and upgrading your smart tank technology with propane providers in your area, contact [email protected].

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