Summer Propane Tips & Safety Info

Summertime is the time to celebrate the sunshine and enjoy the time with friends and family both indoors and outside. From swimming to camping to RVing to backyard grilling and beyond, propane helps fuel summer fun.

Summer is also a great time to buy propane at discounted rates so you won’t worry about keeping warm all winter while still enjoying the warmer summer months. But while you’re saving money and making memories this summer, it’s also important to stay safe.

Propane is one of the safest and smartest fuels available, but like any energy source, it’s always important to be prepared for the unexpected. We hope you enjoy every ounce of the summer powered by clean-burning propane gas, but please remember these summer propane tips to ensure you stay safe all summer long.

Inside Your Home, Cabin, or RV

  • Make sure every adult in your home knows how to properly shut off your propane supply from the tank. In case of a leak or emergency, follow these simple steps:
    • Leave the area immediately
    • Put out all open flames and smoking materials
    • Shut off the gas if it’s safe to do so
    • Report the leak from a neighbor’s phone or cell phone away from the area
    • Get your system checked by a licensed propane professional
  • Review propane safety procedures with your family and remind everyone that a propane leak smells like rotten eggs. Make sure everyone knows what to do if they smell that odor.
  • Test all carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home, following the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. Strongly consider installing propane detectors, if you don’t have them already.
  • Never use or store outdoor propane equipment indoors. Products like gas grills, portable generators, heaters, refillable propane cylinders, etc. are specifically made for outdoor use only. Follow the manufacturers directions and always store and transport these items in an upright position.
  • Properly maintain your propane equipment and related systems. Professional propane services like ours will spot problems that could cause safety risks for your family, so be sure to have your propane equipment inspected and serviced every year.

Outdoor Propane Usage

  • Keep your outdoor propane grill, space heater or fire pit/fire table at least three (3) feet from all building openings and ten feet from any air intake device to minimize the danger of propane vapor entering your home.
  • Keep all propane-burning equipment away like grills and gas heaters far away from any combustible materials such as woodpiles, fences, garden equipment, vinyl siding, as well as from any materials that emit combustible fumes (including paint and other finishing products).
  • Keep a working fire extinguisher available wherever propane products are being used
  • If a storm is forecast or bad weather is predicted, listen for instructions from local authorities and:
    • Ensure all propane-related equipment is safely stored and secured, and away from debris that may damage it.
    • Make sure you have enough propane to last a week in case of road closures, real emergencies, or anything that may prevent propane deliveries.
    • If a storm causes damages to any of your propane appliances and/or you shut down your gas supply, you should contact a licensed professional to restart your system.
  • Ready to grill? First read and follow your gas grill manufacturer’s instructions and make the manual your go-to resource. Smart grill-safety tips include:
    • Clean your propane grill regularly and remove leftover grease or burnt food before every usage.
    • Always position the grill in a safe location.
    • Keep your grill and tank upright, level and clear of flammables including covered patios, overhangs and close to outdoor furniture.
    • Check for leaks at the beginning of the season and every time you hook up a new propane tank.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s proper lighting procedures. With all grill models, keep the lid open when igniting, don’t lean over the grill when lighting it, and wait at least 15 minutes before relighting.
    • Stay with the grill when cooking. Never leave your grill unattended.
    • Use long-handled, insulated barbecue utensils to avoid burns and flare ups.
    • Turn off both the gas grill’s burner controls and the propane’s cylinder valve when you finish cooking.

Propane Tanks & Cylinders

  • When mowing, keep at least three (3) feet away from the propane tank and use a weed trimmer around the tank versus a larger mower.
  • Do not place a burn barrel or fire pit near your propane tank.
  • Never chain an animal to the tank or leave pets confined to an area close to your tank
  • Keep trees, branches, weeds, rocks and related items trimmed and tidy around tank and driveways, and leave the pathways to your propane tank clear and uncluttered of debris.
  • Always check replacement tanks and cylinders for dents, rust, or leaks.
  • Propane cylinders are designed with a safety release valve at the top of the tank that will only work properly if the cylinder is kept upright. So, when transporting propane tanks or cylinders to or from fill locations or for recreational use, always remember to:
    • Keep your tank upright: Use a large cardboard box or wooden crate to prevent the cylinder from rolling around in your car.
    • Keep your tank cool: don’t leave it in your car or in direct sun for prolonged periods of time.
    • Keep your tank snug: Strap the cylinder in where possible and provide a “barrier” to prevent other objects from sliding around and possibly puncturing the cylinder.

Propane Safety is Important to Us

Platform Fuels is committed to ensuring the safety of our customers who use and rely on propane for various needs all year long. Summer days may be about fun, but we’re always here to ensure your tanks are full, that our prices are competitive, and – most importantly – that our customers stay safe.

It’s important that you always have a qualified professional service technician like those from Platform Fuels to perform routine maintenance service and all repairs on your propane tanks and related appliances. Let one of our propane experts perform a routine safety check on your home, tank, or propane-powered appliances before summer ends and cold weather comes our way.

Remember, if you encounter any issues with your grill, fire pit, propane tank, or propane-powered appliances, we’re happy to help and are available any time if you need to refill or replace your propane tank for your home, vacation property, business, or beyond.

For more information on Platform Fuels or to learn more about propane safety, services, or scheduling a routine maintenance check in your area, contact [email protected].

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