Pros of Propane Patio Heaters

The long winter season doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck indoors or can’t enjoy the frosty fun and family time on your patio. Propane patio heaters can make all the difference.

In fact, when it comes to extending your patio time on the chilly days and cold nights of fall and winter, a propane powered patio heater is a safe, affordable, and efficient way to extend your time outside all year long.

Here are some pros of using an outdoor propane patio heater to help you better enjoy the fun, frost and family time on your patio well into the winter.

They can be easily moved anywhere on your patio and easily stored.

You’ve likely seen these large pyramid or mushroom-topped propane patio heaters at restaurants or bars, or warming the patios of hotels or at events, but they’re also great for keeping your home’s outdoor spaces warm enough to enjoy throughout the year. As easy as rearranging your patio furniture, you can rearrange your outdoor heater with ease to ensure you and your guests stay warm.

While not generally recommended for covered spaces (though you should always consult the manufacturer’s instructions), propane patio heaters are typically lightweight, extremely mobile and able to store easily when not in use making them the ideal solution for warming your own patio or private outdoor space.

They heat areas quickly, economically and efficiently.

Propane patio heaters heat areas very quickly and quietly, which makes them a great option for personal usage and for the average home’s patio. Whether you need more than one depends on your patio’s dimensions and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Most good outdoor heaters – especially those fueled by clean-burning propane – are designed to be efficient and energy-saving. They don’t require much power to radiate ample heat. And since propane is an abundant, affordable, eco-friendly fuel – propane provides an inexpensive fuel option for extending outdoor time.

So, how many propane patio heaters is the right amount? To ensure that they continue to heat quickly and efficiently That depends on how big your patio is, how much of the area you actually want to heat, and how warm you want it to get.

For a small home patio, one propane patio heater will generally be enough to heat the space to a reasonable degree. However, if you have a larger space or a particular temperature you want to reach, you may need to add additional patio heaters to ensure proper coverage and balanced warmth for whatever you need.

You can rent them easily or buy them affordably.

Because patio heaters are so popular for outdoor events and receptions, for bars and restaurants, and more – there are many rental options available. However, rental isn’t necessarily the best, or most cost-effective option. Renting vs. buying depends on what you need the outdoor patio heater for and how you plan to use it.

A one time backyard barbecue or outdoor reception may only require a one time full day’s rental. Rentals can range from $50 to $150, and BTU output varies as well, so you may need to rent more than one.

Insider Tip:
If you’re looking to utilize your patio heater often or to extend outdoor time all year round, purchasing a patio heater may be the easiest, most economical and most convenient option to extend your time outside.

Well-made patio heaters can be extremely durable and reliable. Propane patio heater units start at around $75 and can sell for up to $2,000, depending on brand, style, size, BTU output, and design, so find one that fits both your budget, BTU needs and your backyard decor.

When used properly, patio heaters are versatile and very safe.

Any heating device can cause personal injury, damage, or fire if used incorrectly. The best way to safely use a patio heater of any kind is to follow all manufacturer instructions, limit direct contact with the heater, and give the heater plenty of empty space surrounding it.

Patio heaters are extremely versatile for a variety of weather conditions. Many outdoor heaters allow you to control the heat output which is great for adjusting the warmth radiation depending on the temperature outside, allowing you to accommodate for those extra-chilly days with ease.

If you use a patio heater according to the manufacturer’s instructions, only use them in recommended outdoor settings, keep them clean and well maintained, and safely cover and store them when not in use, propane-powered patio heaters are a very safe option for heating most outdoor spaces.

Extend your time enjoying the outdoors.

A patio heater is an excellent addition to any outdoor living space. Having the ability to heat your patio means you can keep enjoying the great outdoors year-round. No need to let the cold chase you inside before you’re ready. Instead, an outdoor heating option helps maximize your outdoor space even as the weather gets chilly.

A propane powered outdoor heater for your patio or backyard allows you and your family to stay warm, cozy, and ready to enjoy the outside all year round. They’re all about making your outside enjoyment last longer.

Just because summer comes to an end doesn’t mean your outdoor get-togethers have to end, too. With a patio heater on hand to heat your home or business’s outdoor area, the warmth of the summer and spring seasons can last all year long.

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