5 Reasons Businesses Should Use a Cylinder-Fill Service for Forklift Operators

Historically there are two common ways to fill cylinders for forklift operators–either call a propane company to exchange the cylinders or call a propane company to fill them up. 

Though an exchange may seem easier in the short term, the math doesn’t add up over years, as it will cost you more time, money, and fuel in the long run. The various propane providers in the Platform Fuels family – Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane – proudly offer cylinder-fill service for their industrial clients.

Working with an experienced propane company that is on your side and supportive of your business is crucial. We offer fill services, delivery options, and cost-effective programs that have your business’s best interest in mind. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best value and top service at the fairest price, which is why our cylinder-fill service is optimal for forklift operators.

With so many variables in business, requesting on-site cylinder-fill service is a no-brainer. Save time, fuel, and money while ensuring employee safety and a secure propane supply. Read more about these 5 in-depth reasons businesses should use a cylinder-fill service for forklift operators.


1. Save Money

When you opt for our cylinder-fill service, you drive down fill-up costs tremendously. On the other hand, if you opt to replace the propane tanks when they’re almost empty, not only are you paying for the propane you didn’t use in the first place, but you’re also paying for full propane tanks that you likely won’t use in the future.

With our cost-effective cylinder-fill service, we come to your business and set up a cage of propane cylinders to fuel your forklifts, machinery, and related equipment. When you’re running low in one propane tank, simply switch it out with one of the others in the cage. Instead of taking your almost-empty tanks, which still contain the fuel that you paid for, we will fill them up and only charge you for the amount of propane we use to fill your tanks.

By only charging you for the amount of propane you use, you save money by not paying for brand-new propane tank refills.


2. Save Fuel

It’s common practice for forklift and machinery operators to switch out propane tanks before running out of fuel to avoid unnecessary hassle or machinery failures. When operators switch out the tanks, they are left with a cage full of cylinders that still have purchased propane inside.

Though it can seem convenient to just take all of the tanks and replace them with new ones, that’s not the case at all. You save fuel when you opt for the cylinder-refill service. Instead of switching out the propane cylinders that are almost empty, we will refill the containers at no extra charge.


3. Save Time

In business, time is money. The cylinder-fill service saves time in a couple of ways. First, you’ll have a surplus of cylinders available when your forklifts and heavy machinery are close to running out. Simply switch out the cylinders that are already on-site waiting for you. Second, to refill all of your cylinders, schedule recurring fill-ups or simply request a fill-up by calling in or using our mobile app, MyFuelPortal. One of our expertly trained technicians will come directly to your business and fill up the cylinders for you.

The Platform Fuels family of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane know that your time is priceless. Save time by signing up for our cylinder-fill service.


4. Employee Safety

Safety is a huge priority for Platform fuels and its affiliate propane companies. It’s essential that each propane cage is kept up to code with recertification dates, proper signage, correct positioning, relief valve caps, and PPE. Propane is also an extremely safe form of fuel when used correctly, with several warning signs of issues.

Other than the physical elements of safety, our company offers expert advice, support, and resources to each business we partner with. Our technicians are expertly trained on cylinder-fill services and protocols to ensure safety at your workplace.


5. Secure Propane Supply

When you opt for the cylinder-fill service, you opt for a secure propane supply. The Platform Fuels family of Green’s Propane, Menz Propane, Kiamichi Propane, Dale’s Propane, and McCurtain County Propane offers extremely secure propane fill services.

Managers and business owners can sign up for recurring fill services by using the MyFuelPortal app. The recurring fill-ups will take the guesswork out of making sure the propane supply never ends. Keep business running smoothly with on-site cylinder-fill service for forklift and machinery operators.


To save time, fuel, and money, or to learn more about our on-site and delivery capabilities, request our cylinder-fill service at [email protected] 

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